Saturday, October 29, 2016

Feven Asghedom - Artist post #12

Christian Åslund

Christian Åslund is a Swedish photojournalist based in Stokholm. He began taking photography seriously in 1998, shortly after he pursued it as a career and landed a position at a local newspaper. In 2001 he began freelancing and by 2007 he won the Travel Photographer of the year award as well as the Sony World Photographer award. He shot this series with a Nikon, and currently shoots using Sony A7s and A7r. 

The series above is titled Hurricane Katrina. I have see so many pictures and video footage of this horrible tragedy. Christian Åslund is approach is somewhat poetic. The shots are both sad and beautiful. The colors on the fence with a blue car on top of it directly across from a falling flag was framed extremely thoughtfully. 

Åslund believes "Photography is the art of storytelling. A good photograph also contains a subtle story about the photographer". I agree with him. The photographers and photos i am most interested in and get lost in are the ones that have depth. The more i look at artists works the more i realize how critical framing is when making pictures. I like this series and the approach he took in documenting hurricane Katrina. He also has another series called Honkey Kong which is extremely visually appealing. 

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