Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Sydney Calloway Artist Post #9

Jude, Juan, and Nick. Slab City, CA 2013.
Kristen and Adam. Slab City, CA 2012.Jimmy Ray Silva. Slab City, CA 2013.
 Andrew Waits is a freelance photographer from Seattle, Washington. He features people living in rural areas with different surroundings. He uses a deep depth of field that features the subject and the  landscape in the background. The focal points are his subjects but you can see the background clearly too.

Andrew is focuses on capturing people in their natural habitat  He includes vehicles in many of his photos. The people are not dressed up they are in their everyday clothing. The subjects all look comfortable and free to express their mood.

I thought these photos were very interesting because they were photographs of people who you normally would not see photographed. They were not dressed up nice looking and Andrew still made great pictures. By capturing these people in their natural habitat you could really almost tell their personality.

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