Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Cory Hogan - Artist Post 9

Maxime Ballesteros

Maxime Ballesteros is a photographer originally from Berlin. Ballesteros makes pictures using a wide angle lens to not get too close to his subjects at parties. He also stated that he does not crop his photos. Ballesteros also uses what seems like a higher ISO causing some noise since he photographed in mostly low lit areas for these pictures.

Ballesteros set off to Miami for the first time for four or five days, he can't remember the exact number. He planned to photograph different parties in what he described as "urban areas". Rather than photographing the fancy black tie parties he favored towards the "psychedelic tour bus parties". 

These pictures do a great job at encompassing and freezing a certain scene at a party. I can easily see the energy that is there and he did a wonderful job at being able to show the "vibe" of the parties. Although these parties don't seem like the most extravagant places he still managed to make them seem very interesting and energized.

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